Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course
    • Before we begin...
  • 2

    Bare Bones

    • Stock Market Basics
    • Limit Orders & Stop Loss
    • Basic Stock Market Knowledge
    • Quick Video Correction on Common v. Preffered Stock
    • Bonds (Link)
    • Mutual Funds and ETFs
    • Leveraged ETFs
    • Basic Agenda of a Day trader
  • 3

    Analysis Tools

    • Fundamental analysis and FinViz
    • Part 2 FinViz
    • Fundamental Analysis quiz
    • Analyzing a Company's Finanacials
    • Technical Analysis
    • Sample FinViz Stock Screener
  • 4

    The World of Options

    • Buying options
    • Parts of an option
    • Basic Options Quiz
    • Basic Option Spreads
    • Options Profit Calculator
    • How to use Options Profit Calculator
  • 5

    How to play stocks during earnings (short chapter)

    • How to make money on earnings
    • Analyzing a company before earnings
    • Implied Volatility and IV Crush
  • 6

    Using Robinhood

    • Buy/Sell Stocks on Robinhood Web
    • Buy/Sell Options on Robinhood Web
    • Stocks on Robinhood Mobile
    • Options on Robinhood Mobile
    • Code for free stock on Robinhood
    • Quick 10/1/2019 Update!
  • 7

    Using Investopedia to your advantage

    • What is Investopedia?
    • Using the Simulator
    • Simulator First Impressions
  • 8

    Next steps

    • More resources for you!
    • Before you go...

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Anonymous Reviewer

Amazing Course!

Anonymous Reviewer

This course really expanded by knowledge about stocks. Before, I would just dive into stocks headfirst and this course was able to teach me how to be a smart investor and research before. It also is a great teacher of how to use Robinhood, which has so many capabilities that I did not know about before. 5/5 course!